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Repairs Car repair can be very stressful for most people, we recognize this and are here to help relieve your anxiety. We have extensive experience on European and exotic car repairs. Our technicians are passionate about what they do. Let’s face it you bought your European or Exotic because you know what you like and you want the best, we get it! And that’s exactly what we provide when it comes to automotive repair.
Service AutoCheck iMPORTS specializes in Imports & Exotics. Exotic and luxury cars require expertise and specialized equipment for service and repair, and we are here to meet that requirement. Our shop is home to European, Luxury and Exotic cars and we love them all the same. We provide factory-level repairs for: Aston Martin, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lotus, Maserati, Mercedes- Benz, Porsche, and Rolls Royce.
Diagnostics When you bring in your car for a service, AutoCheck iMPORTS will use a variety of diagnostic tools to see if there are any recorded problems. We do this using diagnostic software which accesses the car’s reporting and computer system…where any problems are monitored and faults are logged. Most modern cars can generate many fault codes which get stored in the vehicle’s memory system. Some vehicles have a number of units which control areas such as engine management, brakes, suspension and even the wipers! The problem diagnosis is therefore quick and accurate and thus there can be cost savings as less time is required to identify a problem. Minor problems may be identified and fixed before they have a chance to escalate into big, expensive problems! The car diagnostics tools we use at AutoCheck iMPORTS can typically tell us about the following areas for most vehicles – ignition timing problems, issues with the vehicle engine, the performance of the fuel injector, firing of the ignition coils, engine RPM levels, air and coolant temperature, crankshaft and camshaft position and throttle opening. Not just powertrain issues, but also alarm systems, body control systems, climate control systems, and many other systems that you may not know your car has equipped. This means that any car auto repair items can then be identified and rectified if necessary. The combination of diagnostic tools and our extensive experience enables us to accurately identify and resolve issues that your vehicle may have.
Inspections Pre-Purchase Don’t buy a lemon! When purchasing a used vehicle, one piece of advice that is ignored the most is having a mechanic inspect the used vehicle before you buy it. AutoCheck iMPORTS offers comprehensive pre-purchase inspections for European and specialty import cars. Our inspections provide several benefits: - Verifies the equipment, or options, on the car - Confirms the condition level of the car - Reveals hidden problems with the body, frame, or engine - Finds engine codes that may reveal engine problems - Identifies previous (unreported) damage; hidden damage; etc… (CARFAX does not necessarily tell you everything! - Builds confidence in the value of the vehicle Pre-Selling Get the most $$$ for your car. Today buyers want unbiased, comprehensive information that is verified by a third party. By already having a third party (AutoCheck iMPORTS), non-biased inspection report, your car will stand out from other cars on the market. By sharing information with the buyer, you will become a “trusted seller”…and can demand top-dollar for you vehicle.
If you see any of these that you are concerned with….give us a call immediately! Even if you don’t see a warning light, there may be hidden issues that our diagnostics can find. and resolve. Don’t wait for a small issue to turn into a major repair!